Drive your own space company and become a Rocket Star!

Build and launch! Research new technologies, manage contractors, hire scientists and engineers, take charge and lead your empire from the earth to the stars!


🚀Rocket Star Idle Factory is an addictive space tycoon game where you bring all the great talents to work on your rocket factory.
Your team will produce cash while building rockets to launch cool stuff to the stars!✨

🚀You’ll be hired for the most challenging missions, traveling to the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, other planets and beyond!
Play this cool incremental game and join now the space exploration race!⭐️

Cool Rockets

Top Teams

Be Rich!

Conquer the Galaxy!

Think Big!

Idle Game

🚀Manage your rocket launcher space center and get free idle cash even when you are offline – no internet connection needed! Boost the production rate to fire all thrusters and start now to colonize other planets to become the next space tycoon with all the money you can get!🤑

🚀Tap, build and launch! Lead your empire in the best clicker game available and Conquer the Galaxy with your own space rocket company simulator!
Start the quest for rocket crafting!

🚀Download the best idle game for free and lead your rocket company to the edge of the galaxy in this fun strategy game!😍

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